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    STUDENTS: to log into Moodle, you use your seven digit student ID as your username. (The log in page may add to your ID. This is normal.)

    Your password is the randomly generated one that appears at the top of your printed schedule of classes, underneath your student ID.

    NOTE: If you have logged into the student portal at and changed your password, then use that password.

    FOR STUDENT assistance please email HELP@EMILYGRIFFITH.EDU 

    HOW and WHEN do students get enrolled into their classes in Moodle with the Jenzabar integration?

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    There are two  possibilities for the enrollment to occur from Jenzabar (Student Information System)  into Moodle:  (See below) Briefly, if a student is already in the system, they will be enrolled simultaneously with their registration, upon being set to "current or paid status" by the Treasurer.  If they are a new student and registering for the first time, it will take until the next morning for their enrollments to occur in Moodle.


    1. NEW student accounts are set up in Moodle ONCE daily through syncing with Jenzabar, and will appear in Moodle after 3AM the next morning.
    (This would create a 12-16  hour lag time if the student is not already in the system.)  If they are already IN the student information system (Jenzabar)  and are registering for new courses, the integration should pick it up immediately.
    2. Whenever a user LOGS IN TO Moodle, the integration automatically connects and checks for updated course registrations.
    3. If a student is dropped from a class for non-payment or absenteeism, or lack of progress, their account will be put in 'suspended' mode until the issue is resolved. They will not be removed from Moodle and the account will be restored in Moodle when the account is cleared by the Registrar's office.