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Information for instructors using EGTC's Moodle

by Tim McMahon -

ATTENTION -Emily Griffith Technical College instructors using Moodle: to access documentation concerning using Moodle tools and features, please click on the "FOR FACULTY " drop down menu on the home page, and then on "MANAGING A MOODLE COURSE". At this site is a table of contents  with links to all aspects of the features in Moodle - course set up, grade book, quizzes, etc.  This information is printable, downloadable, and always accessible at, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN.

Spring 2020 course shells are now available in Moodle

by Tim McMahon -

The course shells with the term ID of 1920SP and 1920AS are now available to instructors for importing content and setting up for the course/program start times. The spring 2020 courses are set to "Hide' by default and will need to be opened by the instructor when ready for students to view them.  

If you do not see the fall 2019 courses listed under "My Courses", please do a search for the specific course you need, or search for the course ID's that end with 1920FA. You will only see the courses that you are enrolled in, appear in your list in ascending order. 

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