EGTC announcements

Spring 2020 course shells are now available in Moodle

by Tim McMahon -

The course shells with the term ID of 1920SP and 1920AS are now available to instructors for importing content and setting up for the course/program start times. The spring 2020 courses are set to "Hide' by default and will need to be opened by the instructor when ready for students to view them.  

If you do not see the fall 2019 courses listed under "My Courses", please do a search for the specific course you need, or search for the course ID's that end with 1920FA. You will only see the courses that you are enrolled in, appear in your list in ascending order. 

HOW and WHEN do students get enrolled into their classes in Moodle with the Jenzabar integration?

by Tim McMahon -

There are two  possibilities for the enrollment to occur from Jenzabar (Student Information System)  into Moodle: ________

There are two parts to the integration. (See below) Briefly, if a student is already in the system, they will be enrolled simultaneously with their registration and being set to "current or paid status".  If they are a new student and registering for the first time, it will take until the next morning for their enrollments to occur in Moodle.


1. User accounts are set up in Moodle ONCE daily through LDAP sync. 
2. Whenever a user LOGS IN TO Moodle, the integration automatically connects and checks for updated course registrations.

(This would create a 24 hour lag if the student is not in the system. If they are already IN the student information system (Jenzabar)  and are registering for new courses, the integration should pick it up immediately.


Changing your password for the Student Portal and/or Moodle

by Tim McMahon -
 Your initial username is your seven digit ID. Your initial password is the generic one that is printed on the top of your class schedule that you receive when you first register. To change your password for both the portal and Moodle, log into the student portal at and click on 'Change Password' just below your profile area and in the middle right side of the portal page.
Enter your password from your class schedule and then create a new password that has the parameters listed directly above the password entry fields.
Save your work!
Once you have created a password acceptable to the system, then your log in to Moodle is the same - your student ID and this password.